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Micro Ring Weave or LA weave

This is a weft attachment with micro rings. This is very quick and firm method of applying hair extensions to create length, thickness and volume. This method can last up to 3 months depending on how fast the client’s hair grows.            


Micro Rings

This System uses a hair extensions I-tip that loops through a micro ring onto your hair and is then clamped tightly to create a strong bond. This tiny  bond is very light weight.  At artisan we do not use glue no heat and lasts up to three months.


Plaited Weave

Artisan technicians do this by using a corn row to plait the hair, the extension is then sewn onto the track. This can last 6-8 weeks and is good for length thickness and volume.


Nano Rings

This is a relatively new hair extensions method. It is very similar to Micro rings. It is the world’s smallest hair extension technique being 90% smaller than any micro ring. This is a reusable hair extension.


Invisi Tape

This invisible weft technology is made on an extremely thin silk base crafted by hand and the weft mimics the natural regrowth at the root for complete discretion. This is applied with beauty works tape that sticks to the hair and lasts up to 6 weeks. Hair is guarantee for up to 9 months given the proper care.


ClipIn hair

This is a full weft of hair which we attach hair clips to. You can put these in yourself and the hair is available to buy in the salon. We can show you how to put these in yourself at home and also cut and style them to your requirement. We have a full range in the artisan hair salon


Hair bonds

This is a very traditional way of bonding extensions with heat melting the exestion onto your hair. It can last subject to the wearers use up to 6 months. The hair really shouldn't be used again.


Flat tip bonds

These are the same as hair bonds but are fastened flat to the scalp and can last 6 months the hair cannot be used  removal should not be done at home. They must be removed by a technician and this can take up to an hour to remove fully. There is a charge for this service please note we only remove bonds fitted by our tecnicians.




Re-positioning of micro rings

Removal and re tipping fusion bonds


Customer care


artsians customer care and after sales service guarentees that all problems are solved or resolved.

Here at artisan we provide a tailored hair extension service, using a wide range of  quality hair extension brands, we not only fit the extensions of your choice but also ensure that colour and styling are seamlessly applied so that  our clients, needs and expectations are met in full.



There are over ten different types of hair extension fittings that we can select from to suite each  styles and types of hair. Each type has its own price and we take great care to ensure that each clients hair extension choice is the right one for them. We simpley  cannot give a price over the telephone as there are so many variations.

Award winning beauty works hair extensions have developed over the ast 15 years  which means that their bespoke design is a market leader. Having been tried and tested by respected experts in the hair industry you can wear beauty works hair extensions with confidence. It made them the number one choice for artisan hair since 2014/ with our  excellent customer care and after sales record your confidence is complete.

Beauty Works Hair products are featured in Look Magazine, The Daily Mail, Glamour and Teen Vogue they are recognised as the best in the indusrty having been awardded Look Magazines "Best Hair Extensions" and crowned at the hair Awards 2013-15

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Our consultation involves getting the best extensions for you,  your hair colour, type,  as well as maintenance and aftersales  

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